26 May 2012

Cultural differences; animated history of Coca-Cola

Hi everyone!

In these last two weeks we've worked with the book, but especially with photocopies. Make sure you revise the vocabulary and grammar carefully.

Last Friday we had class and we watched a video about cultural differences among countries as regards handshaking and other body language. I've just found a video by National Geographic where a group of Africans travel to the United States... You can imagine the cultural shock! Watch the video and you'll see (most of it is subtitled as the African accent is extremely strong):


13 May 2012

My Sister's Keeper; cloning food

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a nice weekend! It's been scorching hot, so maybe some of you have already started to enjoy the beach! :)

On Tuesday we started talking about some questions related with science and then we discussed some moral dilemmas. One of them had to do with modifying embryos so that the born child would be compatible with his/her brother/sister. This reminded me of the film "My sister's keeper" (2009), a film I thoroughly recommend. I post the trailer below for you to decide whether you want to watch it or not!


Just / already / yet; passive voice; clothes

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a very nice weekend! :)

Last week we had the test on the book The Last Sherlock Holmes Story. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I personally found it very interesting: it is said that Sherlock Holmes was Jack the Ripper! If you want to learn a bit more about this serial killer, you can watch the film "From Hell" (2001), with Johnny Depp. In original version, of course :)

That day we also did an activity called "Can you think of...?" And you had to think about two things you could swim across, two things you could go through... etc. Make sure you revise those prepositions!!


5 May 2012

Pronunciation of -ed ending; used to

Hello everyone!!

I hope your weekend has started well!! Although the weather is miserable... I hope the wind goes away soon! :)

In the last two weeks we've finished Unit 9, where we talked about everyday problems, problems with neighbours, adjectives of feelings, how to make invitations, etc. We also revised how to pronounce -ed at the end of words. Remember the rule:

/t/: PoKaSH FiCHaS
/id/: Te Doy
/d/: the rest


Conditionals; crime; Jack the Ripper

Hi everyone!

I hope your weekend is off to a good start (nice expression to learn!), although the weather is absolutely miserable!! Let's hope this howling wind goes away soon!

Last week we corrected the unit about "The Natural World". It's a lot of vocabulary, I know, but, remember, take things calmly: sit down, select the words you don't know, copy them in your notebook and check them regularly.