14 Jan 2012

The Simpsons (original)

Hi there everybody!!

I hope your weekend is off to a good start!! (= I hope your weekend has started well)

On Monday we had our first class after the Christmas holidays and we did a speaking activity in groups. You had to ask your partners about:

  • The best people last Christmas
  • The best place last Christmas
  • The best moment last Christmas

After that we asked if it was important to be with the family at Christmas and we watched a video about new technologies and communication at home. The BBC programme "Panorama" did an experiment at a Primary School in Manchester: they took away the telly (TV), video games, mobile phones, etc. and analysed the children's and parents' reactions. Very interesting!!

On Wednesday we had one hour with Leah and you worked with the book Dracula. You revised the vocabulary with a game called "taboo" and then you discussed the main characters in the story. Remember that we have the test next Monday, 16th January. If you have read and understood the book, you won't (will not) have any problem :)

Then we started unit 5 and we talked about robots and things they can do. I gave you a photocopy about the future: please, complete it for next Tuesday.

On Friday we did a speaking activity with information about yourselves. Then you changed your papers and you had to explain the other person's answers. It was very funny!

Finally, we watched an episode from The Simpsons: "The Lemon of Troy" (season 6, episode 24). If you want to watch it again, you can download it here. And click here for the subtitles in English.

Con esta actividad quería haceros ver que sabéis mucho más de lo que créeis. Este capítulo era 100% original, tal y como lo emiten en EEUU y el Reino Unido. ¿A qué sienta bien cuando uno ve que puede entender frases enteras? Con la ayuda de subtítulos, vale, pero aún así lo estáis entendiendo. Espero que esto os haya animado a ver películas y series en versión original.

And that's all for now!

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Fridays class are very interesting!! The episode from "The Simpsons" in engish was funny. It has a lot of vocabulary, but as you say, it is original! Duro para nosotros pero motivador! I'm going to search cartoon films in english with subtitles, if you know any page, tell me!
    Thank you for all!!
    (sorry for my english)

  2. Thanks, Raquel! I'm glad you enjoy lessons on Fridays! :)
    And, yes, go ahead and watch cartoons in English! The best websites I know are and
    See you in class!