26 May 2012

Cultural differences; animated history of Coca-Cola

Hi everyone!

In these last two weeks we've worked with the book, but especially with photocopies. Make sure you revise the vocabulary and grammar carefully.

Last Friday we had class and we watched a video about cultural differences among countries as regards handshaking and other body language. I've just found a video by National Geographic where a group of Africans travel to the United States... You can imagine the cultural shock! Watch the video and you'll see (most of it is subtitled as the African accent is extremely strong):

On Tuesday we watched a video about the history of Coca-Cola. You have the transcription in the copies, so here I post the video so that you may watch it again:

In the second hour, we corrected the copy about the passive voice. Check it carefully at home and ask me next week in case you have any questions. At any rate, we'll practise a bit more next week. For homework, remember to do the two tests (Use of English and Reading).

Finally, in these two weeks we've had two complementary activities: poetry reading and the spring party. Thank all of you for your participation. We also had to say goodbye to Leah... She's been such a good language assistant. Let's hope we are at least as lucky next year!

We'll devote next week to revision, and to answer any questions you may have.

Well, have a nice weekend and see you all on Tuesday!

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  1. I'm strikingly in love with one of the poems! :) It's called " Barter " by Sara Teasdale