5 May 2012

Pronunciation of -ed ending; used to

Hello everyone!!

I hope your weekend has started well!! Although the weather is miserable... I hope the wind goes away soon! :)

In the last two weeks we've finished Unit 9, where we talked about everyday problems, problems with neighbours, adjectives of feelings, how to make invitations, etc. We also revised how to pronounce -ed at the end of words. Remember the rule:

/t/: PoKaSH FiCHaS
/id/: Te Doy
/d/: the rest

If you want to improve your pronunciation, you can check this link.

On Wednesday we started Unit 10 and we talked about fashion and shopping. We saw some differences between men and women and we also learnt the structure "used to".

If you want to practise a bit more, here you have a variety of exercises:

Exercise 1: matching.
Exercise 2: put the words in the correct order.
Exercise 3: I've also found this exercise which uses a song by Madonna called "This used to be my playground". It's a bit old, but it's good for listening and grammar practice! :)

For homework, please do exercises 2 and 3 on pages 88 and 89, and the copy about the passive. Thank you :)

I hope you have a great weekend!

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