23 Nov 2010

Quite & very; telling the time; colours

Good afternoon guys!

Here you have a summary (resumen) of what we did last week: On Monday / Tuesday we did a test of Units 1 and 2. After the test we listened to the song Oh Pretty Woman, which inspired the title of the film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

On Wednesday / Thursday we corrected Grammar Bank 3A and we learnt more adjectives to describe people (revise the Vocabulary Bank on page 146). Remember that we can use very and quite before the adjective:

       A: How old is your brother?
       B: Oh, he's very young. He's only 14.

       A: How tall is your father?
       B: Oh, he's quite tall, around 1.80 m.

Then, individually, you wrote the description of a famous person and the rest of the class had to guess the person. I think it was quite fun! We also learnt adjectives like angry, happy, sad, thirsty, tired, etc.

Finally, we revised how to tell the time and and we listened to Vicky's morning (very stressful!!). Here you have a clock that can help you remember the times:

Pd: By the way, do you remember the colours in English? Yes? Are you sure? Well, what colour is the following words??

Difficult, huh? :)

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