5 May 2012

Conditionals; crime; Jack the Ripper

Hi everyone!

I hope your weekend is off to a good start (nice expression to learn!), although the weather is absolutely miserable!! Let's hope this howling wind goes away soon!

Last week we corrected the unit about "The Natural World". It's a lot of vocabulary, I know, but, remember, take things calmly: sit down, select the words you don't know, copy them in your notebook and check them regularly.

Last week we also started to talk about crime and we learnt some words such as:

On Tuesday we didn't have class because it was a bank holiday, and when we came back on Thursday I gave you back your compositions. I'm very glad to say that I can see a big, big improvement in comparison with the first compositions you sent me. Well done, and keep up the good work, guys. Keep up the good work :)

With Leah you talked about World Book Day and in my hour we corrected the unit about the Conditionals and some exercises which were lagging behind (que se nos habían quedado atrás). If you want to practise a bit more, try doing the following:

This week we also had class on Friday. Thanks once again for all the people that came. I truly, truly appreciate your effort :)

We talked about famous criminals and serial killers, and we focused on Jack the Ripper, who really existed! Below I post some of the newspaper articles that were published after his murders (1888). Really interesting!

We then watched some fragments from the film "From Hell" and with Advanced Level 1 A we also had time to play a game called "Ullaby"... All the suspects were found guilty!! If you're interested in this case, check this website, where you have plenty of information and videos about the mysterious Jack the Ripper.

Have a nice weekend! :)

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