13 May 2012

Just / already / yet; passive voice; clothes

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a very nice weekend! :)

Last week we had the test on the book The Last Sherlock Holmes Story. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I personally found it very interesting: it is said that Sherlock Holmes was Jack the Ripper! If you want to learn a bit more about this serial killer, you can watch the film "From Hell" (2001), with Johnny Depp. In original version, of course :)

That day we also did an activity called "Can you think of...?" And you had to think about two things you could swim across, two things you could go through... etc. Make sure you revise those prepositions!!

We also corrected Progress Checks 8 and 9, and the photocopy about Phrasal Verbs. Remember that phrasal verbs are verbs followed by one (sit down) or two particles (put up with). You will learn many phrasal verbs in the next years, so try to write all of them separate, not with your general vocabulary. For every phrasal verb, always include an example.

On Wednesday you practised the structure "used to" with Leah. Remember, it is used to talk about habits in the past, only. For habits in the present we use normally, usually, etc. After that, you did an exercise with just, already and yet. I was surprised to see you didn't remember those words!! Here you have an exercise to practise. You can also check this blog entry (12th December) to revise it.

In my hour, we talked about the passive voice. Here you have some exercises to practise a bit more! First of all, you should practise how you form the passive voice in the present simple, the past simple, the present perfect and in the future with will. Once you know how to form the passive, you need to decide when to use it! Here you have some information about the Statue of Liberty. Try to complete it correctly!

To finish, we also checked the pronunciation of the words in the photocopy about clothes. Remember that in English it is not enough to know how you write a word (spelling). You also need to know how to pronounce it. Otherwise (de no ser así), people will not understand you when you speak!!

For homework, you have to do the activities on Portfolio 10 (workbook) and then write a composition with your opinion about the following sentence: "Our lifestyle is better and healthier today than in the past"

See you tomorrow!

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