17 Nov 2014

Stereotypes; Lonely Planet Guide

Hi everyone!

The entry today is about "stereotypes". I'm sure all of you have heard the word before, and have a vague idea of what they are, but could you think of a definition??

Now, that is a bit more difficult...

In general, stereotypes are characteristics or qualities assigned to groups of people that share nationality, race, gender, to name but a few. However, these characteristics or qualities tend to be oversimplifications, and they are overgeneralized. In other words, those features are applied to all the individuals in the group disregarding their personal differences.

Now, have a look at this postcard. What do you think of it? Do you agree with the stereotypes associated to the different European nationalities?

There are stereotypes all around us. Below you have a funny (but very insightful) video about what the United States and Europe think of each other. I'm sure you'll feel identified more than once!

How wrong stereotypes can be is usually clearer when we talk about our own culture. Below I post a video about how Madrid is described in the Lonely Planet guide. Do you agree with the image given of the Spanish capital city? 

The best way to overcome stereotypes is to check for yourself! That is, meet people from different parts of the world, travel as much as you can, and read! That way you'll have a more accurate vision of the different nationalities!

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