17 Nov 2014

"Bed and breakfast", "fish and chips" and other binomial expressions

A binomial is a combination of two words, normally linked by a conjunction (and or or). Their order is almost always fixed, that is, they are irreversible.

English is extremely fond of binomials, and when I say "extremely", I do mean "extremely"!  If you want to check for yourselves, have a look at this list of binomials, with their corresponding meanings. You'll be surprised!

Do these ones ring a bell??

Some other common ones include:

If you want to know a few more, check the video below: "10 common binomial expressions in English". She speaks rather slowly, but her explanations and examples are very accurate!

Finally, for more advanced learners, here I post a handout with some more complex ones. See if you can complete the exercises! (The answers are at the end, as usual!)

Now, the best way to remember binomials, as every other item of vocabulary, is to place them in context. Choose your favourite ones and post a few examples in the comments below!

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  1. I love your blog because I always learn something new :)