14 Nov 2014

Race the tube!

Has anyone heard of this new craze for runners?? Race the tube! It consists in beating the tube by running!!

It all started in London last July 2014, when James Heptonstall thought that going on foot could sometimes be quicker than being stuck on public transport! The route he chose was from Mansion House to Cannon Street, two important tube stations in London, 380 metres apart on foot.

As you will see on the video, the challenge consisted in getting off at Mansion House and run to the next tube station, Cannon Street, to catch the very same train! Do you think he succeeded? Check it out!

The Telegraph and many other newspapers covered the story. The video was uploaded on YouTube and received more than 5 million visits! This kickstarted the movement in many other cities!

Race the Tube in Madrid

Race the Tube in Barcelona

Race the Tube in Lyon

Race the Tube in Milan

Race the Tube in Brussels

Race the Tube in Hong Kong

Race the Tube in Stockholm

And how does our protagonist feel? Well, here you have the complete interview with the Race the Tube creator!

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