12 Dec 2011

Future continuous and future perfect

Hello everyone!

Well, the first term seems to be coming to an end!

On our last days of class we finished correcting a few exercises that were lagging behind. We did a mock test so that you could have an idea of what to expect in the one we do tomorrow, and it also helped you learn some useful vocabulary, collocations and prepositions.

We also corrected the photocopy about future tenses. It was pretty much of a revision, but there were two new things: the future continuous and the future perfect.

Exercises 1 and 2: Future continuous I and II
Exercises 3 and 4will vs. present simple; will vs. will be +ing (future simple vs. future continuous)
Exercise 5: Future perfect

We also learnt some vocabulary related to food, and Leah brought some Christmas recipes! Why don't you try preparing one of them for the Christmas party at the school (21st December)? :)

Finally, here I post the key to exercises 1, 2, 3 on page 16. It's strange because some people have it corrected, and some don't. At any rate, here you have the key, just in case:

Exercise 1:

  1. directed
  2. cast
  3. plot
  4. played
  5. masterpiece
  6. audience
  7. sensational
  8. miss

Exercise 2:

  1. reputation
  2. shoot
  3. supporting
  4. adaptation
  5. estimated
  6. enjoyed
  7. part
  8. set

Exercise 3: (Here I write the odd word out)

  1. live
  2. beatiful
  3. modern
  4. large
  5. ugly

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