24 Nov 2014

Learn how to be more descriptive!

Hi there!

I'm sure you've all heard your teachers asking you to use more complex vocabulary, and avoid using words like nice, good, say, ask, etc. Indeed, as we advance in our language learning, we have to be more specific and avoid 'empty words' like the ones I mentioned before.

How can we do that? A very good idea is to compile a list of synonym words and include some linguistic variation when we talk/write. Here I post an example: 

My suggestion is that, for every word, you choose two or three synonyms that you've never used before. Circle/underline them and make an effort to use them in the next few weeks. That way you'll enrich your vocabulary little by little!

Let me know how it goes! :)

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this list! Thank you! I saved the image and printed it for my daughter to use with Mad-Libs during our road trip.