20 Nov 2014

Films in original version at

Hello there!

These days we've been talking about films and you've asked me for websites to watch films (or series) in original version. There are lots and lots of sites you can visit, but today I'm going to recommend

There you have all the films and tv series you can think of in original version. The website is very updated: sometimes you can even watch films that haven't been released in Spain!

Most of the films are original version with Spanish subtitles, but you can navigate through the different options for each film/episode if you want other languages or subtitles.

Now, is it better to watch the film with or without subtitles? And should the subtitles be in English or Spanish? Well, first of all, forget the idea that watching films with subtitles is "bad", because it is not. Quite on the contrary, it is very good practice because you associate spelling and pronunciation which, as you know, does not always coincide in English. Therefore, the ideal thing would be to watch films in English with English subtitles until your level is high enough to eliminate subtitles completely.

Finally, very important: choose something that you like. This way, you will focus on what is happening and forget that the film/episode is in English! This favours unconscious learning, which is the one that lasts longer in our memories.

So... what film are you going to watch this weekend? :)


  1. Thanks Ana for sharing this link! :)

    1. I'm glad you like it! Be ready on Friday: I'll publish a similar link to learn English with films!

    2. Yess Ana, I've just read it :) Thanks a lot!