26 Sep 2014

How much / many?; some / any

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Today we're going to talk about the difference between some words that are normally difficult for Spanish learners:
  • Much / Many
  • Too much / Too many
  • How much...? How many...?
  • Some / any
Much and many are used for quantities, and they mean "a lot of". The only difference is that much is used for uncountable nouns (always singular), and many for countable nouns (always in plural after many):
I don't want much sugar in my coffee.
There are many children playing in the street.

If there is more than we would like, we use the expressions too much / too many
There is too much noise in this room. I can't sleep.
There are too many students in the class.
And to ask about quantities, we have the question words how much / how many...?
How much water do you drink every day?
How many sandwiches do you want today?
As you can see, much is always followed by uncountable nouns, and many, by countable nouns.

Check this video to revise this a little bit more:

You can do this exercise to practise the difference between how much / how many.

Finally, both for countable and uncountable nouns you can also use some or any. Which one do you use? It depends if the sentence is affirmative (some), negative or interrogative (any).

Click if you need more information about some and any. Finally, you can practise here and here!

Happy learning!!


  1. Hi Ana,
    I'm teaching one of my students countable and uncountable nouns and how/when to use some, any, much and many so I'm going to advise him to visit your blog.