5 Dec 2014 learn English from film extracts

Hi again!
English with films
Today I'm going to show you a fantastic website to learn English with film extracts: It is brand new and it has tremendous functionalities! Without a doubt, one of the best websites for English learning I've seen in a long time!

You can select extracts from different films, and check the new vocabulary instantly from the subtitles. You can also add the new words to your own library / glossary!

Let me show you better!

1. Enter the website

2. Choose a video from the "Content" page:

2. Click on a word or a group of words to translate it/them:

3. Click on "+" to add a word to your library (= glossary):

4. Learn new words and expression on the "Learning" page:

5. You can practise with other users at the "Community" page:

Check all this on this video tutorial:

I'm sure you'll love it!!

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  1. I'm not using any kind of tools. The only useful tip which I can offer you is to watch movies without subtitles or at least with English subtitles. That's it! I improve my English while I was watching "How I met your mother" . You also could try with some English online courses like those here -