5 Nov 2014

Guy Fawkes - V for Vendetta

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Today, 5th November, is a very important day in the United Kingdom. It is Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Firework Night! It commemorates the failure of the gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Children still sing this traditional rhyme which summarizes what happened:

Guy Fawkes

The whole rhyme goes as follows:

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

By god's mercy he was catch'd
With a darkened lantern and burning match.
So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.
Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.
And what shall we do with him?
Burn him!

So what's the story? Well, here you have a very concise summary of how it all happened!
Guy Fawkes

The film "V for Vendetta" was certainly inspired by this story. Watch the video below and pay attention to seconds 24'' to 38''. Does it ring a bell?? :) I strongly recommend you to watch the film (in original version), not just because of its relationship with Guy Fawkes, but also because of the magnificent word plays they use.
Guy Fawkes

Click if you want to read a bit more about the history of Guy Fawkes. You also have an exercise to check how much you understood!

Finally, here you have a video of the fireworks after the celebration of Guy Fawkes!

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