3 Nov 2012

Videos so far: Baumgartner; Bullying; "Friends"

Hi again!

I've been thinking and I don't consider it worthwhile to post everything we've been doing during the past few weeks, but at least I wanted you to have the videos we've watched in class, so that you may watch them again at home.

The first one we saw was the one about Felix Baumgartner. Click here to watch it online.

The other one we have watched so far is the one about bullying. Click here to watch it again.

Finally, for Halloween we watched an episode from "Friends". It was episode 6 from season 8. You can watch it online at

From now onwards I'll do my best to write regularly and provide you with extra material to reinforce, complement and expand what we do in class. And, as I said in my previous entry, you're more than welcome to contribute as well :)

Enjoy what is left of the bank holiday and see you on Tuesday!

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