17 Feb 2012

Ways to look; "Falling slowly" (song)

Hello everyone!

Last week we did an interesting photocopy with idioms of comparison (e.g. as fresh as a daisy; as deaf as a post; as blind as a bat, as hard as nails, etc.). Make sure you revise this vocabulary!

We also did a little game in pairs to revise some of the phrasal verbs we have seen so far. As a word of advice, have a separate section for phrasal verbs in your notebook. Apart from the translation (if you use translations), try to think of another synonym verb (e.g. give in - surrender) and always, always include a example to see the phrasal verb in context.

We also continued with the book and corrected the exercises on pages 68 and 69. The one about "ways to look" was a little complicated, so I gave you a handout with their explanations.

On Thursday Leah talked about alternative ways to travel: WWOOFing and Couchsurfing. What do you think of them? Would you consider practising them?

Finally, we corrected a photocopy about words easily confused, such as journey, trip, travel, etc. Here you have it in case you didn't come to class:

This week we celebrated Valentine's Day watching the film entitled "Once". It has received numerous awards, specially because of its original soundtrack. Below I leave two of the more famous songs, one of them called "when your mind's made up"

On Thursday you worked with Leah on some sayings and proverbs about love. In my hour, we revised modal verbs in the past and corrected the exercises on pages 70 and 71. And today... I can't wait for your oral presentations! :)

For homework, please complete the photocopy about inversion and question tags.

Have a nice weekend!

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