6 Feb 2012

English cream tea; real English sounds; Inside Out videos

Hello everyone!

Last week we had three days of class (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

On Monday we corrected one exercise that we had left (que nos quedaba) about be going to (ex 6 page 45) and we listened to two possible pronunciations: /gəʊiŋtə/ and /gᴅnə/. Remember that the second is used when we speak at a natural rhythm in English.

After that we celebrated the School Day For Peace and Non-violence. First of all, we learnt some expressions to make suggestions, requests, offers and to respond to offers (make sure you revise them on page 48 in your books). After that we suggested 4 possible problems you could have in your classrooms and in groups you designed a plan to solve them. Well done! :)

During the break, we had a small tea party and I told you about the typical English Cream Tea. Here you have a picture of a scone which, remember, you fill with butter, marmalade and whipped cream... Yummy!!!

On Wednesday you did an activity about Gandhi with Leah and at the end of the class you played "Telephone"... Some of your sentences were really funny!!

Then we correctd Unit 5C in your books and we did a listening that I collected. The activity you had to do was the same as the first exercise in the December exam.

Finally, Raquel and Rosa did their presentations. Thanks for your effort! :)

On Friday we also had oral presentations, and we also learnt some real English sounds!! Here you have the handout, in case you don't have a copy:
Real English Sounds

Finally, I wanted to tell you that I have just found a very useful website with videos adapted to our level. Here I leave you the first video of the series. I'm sure you can understand a lot!!

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