17 Feb 2012

Comparatives & superlatives (powerpoint presentation)

Good afternoon everyone!

Here you have the summary of the last two weeks (I couldn't update the blog last weekend).

Last week we learnt some personality adjectives and we revised them on Monday, together with (junto con) adjectives to describe physical appearance. Congratulations! You have quite a good memory! :) Then we revised the use and form of the comparative and superlative:

Last week we also celebrated Charles Dickens's bicentenary with Leah. We learnt a little bit about his life and remembered some of his most famous novels. After that we continued with your oral presentations. They are all extremely entertaining! :)

This week we have celebrated St. Valentine's watching the film "A good year", starring Russel Crowe. It was beautiful, wasn't it?

For homework, you need to do:

  • Photocopy about comparatives and superlatives.
  • Photocopy about friends and family.
  • Activities about the film.

Remember that the final version of your composition is for Wednesday.

Have a nice weekend!

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