3 Dec 2014

There is no failure, only feedback!

In all types of learning, and language learning is no difference, our attitude towards mistakes is crucial. There are people for whom a mistake is a push forward (un empujón hacia delante), but for others their whole world seem to crumble (venirse abajo)...!

Truth is that mistakes simply show that we are learning, that we are advancing, that we are in the middle of a process that will eventually lead to our mastery of the language. This is the attitude that we must have, and perceive mistakes as a step further in our learning, and one that will give us the push to keep going.
There is a story about Thomas Edison that goes something like this: When someone commented to Edison that he had failed 1,999 times before he eventually managed to invent the light bulb, he replied: 'Nonsense, it was a 2,000 step process!'
If you look around, you'll see hundreds of examples of people who failed before achieving their goal. That failure was simply part of their learning, and the one that made them strong enough to keep going.

Below you have a few examples of such failures:

So... what is your attitude going to be the next time you make a mistake?? :))

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