10 Nov 2014

There is life outside wordreference!

This is not the first time I've written about dictionaries other than bilingual ones (using monolingual and collocations dictionaries). Today I'm going to focus specifically on collocations dictionaries, since they have an enormous potential, especially in levels B2 and C1.

A collocations dictionary is a dictionary that tells you which words work together (collocate). For example, do we say aware of something or aware about something?
Collocations dictionary

Do you spend money on or in something?

Collocations dictionary

Which verbs can I use with favour?
Collocations dictionary

More than that, it can help us to improve our writing by providing us with plenty of synonyms. How can I say that something has a lot of potential?

Collocations dictionary

Rather than buying one, I recommend you to use the Oxford Collocations Dictionary Online, available at Enter the website and practise a little bit. Can you improve the following sentences?

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