6 Nov 2011

Halloween; language learning strategies; vocabulary for films

Good afternoon everyone!

Here you have a summary of last week. Due to the bank holiday we didn't have class on Tuesday, but we still had two sessions: Thursday and Friday - thanks to all the people that came on Friday; I truly appreciate your effort.

On Thursday we had an hour with Leah and we watched the Halloween video form National Geographic (this time it worked!!). I post it here in case you want to watch it again.

Here you also have the activities with the answer key. If you didn't come to class, make sure you do them at home.


Then we discussed the concept of "being healthy" and we saw that different people have different interpretations of what it means to be healthy. Finally, 4º CAL did a listening about safe drinking water in Africa (4ºA will do it on Tuesday), and with 4ºA we did an activity about the differences between make and do and vocabulary related to health (4ºCAL will do in on Tuesday).

On Friday we did an interesting activity about the strategies you use to learn English. For homework, I asked you to prepare a document listing all the tips you would give to a person who wants to improve his/her English. I'll put all your ideas together and send them to you in one single document. I'm sure you can learn a lot from it! :)

Language Learning Strategies

Then we saw some useful adjectives you can use when describing a film (or a book!). Make sure you use some of them in your composition!

With 4ºA we had time to correct exercises 6 and 7 on page 17. We'll correct that on Tuesday with 4º CAL.

For homework, apart from the document with your strategies, please also complete exercises 2 and 6 on pages 34 and 35. AND, if you have a collocations dictionary at home, please bring it to class on Tuesday. We're going to do an activity with it to learn how to use it :)

See you in two days!

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