12 Nov 2014

Problems with commas? Not me!

Hi there!

Today I'm going to post a video that you're absolutely going to love!! And I'm sure it will help you a lot with your commas!

I'll summarize it for you and then you can watch it at the end of the entry :)

So... there are three characters!

Comma rules

The tiny conjunctions are small, and they connect clauses, words and phrases. Because they are so small, they often need the help of a comma, but not always. They are easy to remember with the word FANBOYS!

comma rules

The mighty subordinants are the heavy-weight champions of sentences! They connect two unequal things, dependent and independent clauses:

Commonly used subordinants are:

comma rules

They are very strong, so if the sentences are equally distributed on both arms, they don't need help. In other words, if the subordinate is in the middle of the sentence, commas are not needed.

comma rules

Bartheleme loves to sing even though he never sings in front of others.

However, if the subordinate is at the beginning, we need a comma to help!

comma rules

Even though Bartheleme loves to sing, he never sing in front of others

Tiny conjunctions are not so strong, so they can ask for help when they connect sentences:

comma rules

comma rules

However, the comma is not needed when they connect two phrases (molecular biology or interpretive dance):

comma rules

Watch the video now (activate the subtitles if you need to) and learn the whole story!

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