21 Nov 2014

The Christmas Truce - The story behind Sainsbury's Christmas Ad

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Christmas is coming closer; the days are ticking away...! We can tell from the sweets and cakes already sold at the supermarket, and especially from the adverts shown on television. Last week the commercial for the National Lottery came out - every year we are nervously waiting for it! Our high expectations were certainly met and the advert left nobody impassible.

I believe you would agree that the National Lottery advert is probably the most important Christmas advert in Spain, but would you guess which has been considered the best Christmas advert in the world?

It's the Christmas commercial from the British chain supermarket Sainsbury's:

The video is certainly touching, but what is even more touching is to know that it is entirely based on a true story...

By December 1914 World War I had already gone on for around 5 months, and claimed nearly one million lives. However, the weapons fell silent on Christmas Eve... A Captain from the Allies made contact with two German officers at dawn, starting a truce in which soldiers started to leave their trenches and met in hundreds exchanging greetings and gifts.

The true story behind the ad:

All the details of what really happened we cannot know for sure, but there was certainly a truce along the front line. Even at the toughest of times, in the heat of war and in the most dreadful occasions, there can be great humanity...

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