28 Nov 2011

Listening "going shopping"

Good morning everyone!

Last week we revised the past continuous: you had to write 5 times and ask your partner what s/he was doing at that time.
  • - What were you doing at 8.45 in the morning yesterday?
  • - I was going to work.
After that we watched a video from the BBC where a journalist visited Barcelona. It was an original video (not adapted), but you did the activities very well! Congratulations! :)

Then we read a text about a man who was crazy about Star Wars (page 34), and we learnt how to use the Present Perfect Simple: we can use it to talk about the past when we don't know when the action happened:
  • I bought a new pair of jeans on Saturday.
  • I have bought a new pair of jeans.
On Wednesday you had one hour with Leah and you talked about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I found this listening about a girl who goes shopping: click here to listen to it and do a multiple choice exercise. If you prefer to complete gaps, then click here. Finally, here you have the whole transcription.

Then we corrected the text on page 29 and exercises 4 and 5 on page 33. After that, we started talking about films, but suddenly, while we were doing the activity, the lights went out! We waited for five minutes, but they didn't come back, so we had to finish the class earlier than usual. At any rate (sea como sea), thanks very much for staying and continuing with the activity in English using the light from your mobile phones!

Today we'll correct the photocopy I gave you about the Present Perfect and we'll also have a look at Progress Tests 1 and 2. 

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