7 Jan 2015

New Year Resolutions for your English learning - some ideas!

Hello everyone! And Happy New Year!

We're back after the Christmas break with renewed energy from these cosy and warm days with the family. I hope you come back as energetic and lively! :)

The first days of the New Year are always full of optimism, ambitions, new projects, resolutions, etc. Along with that philosophy, I wanted to post something uplifting and that gives you ideas to orientate your English studying in 2015.

Funny enough, I've just bumped into a very interesting blog post that I share with you below. It is written by an English student who passed the Advanced level without attending lessons. It is a clear example of perseverance, willingness to learn and organizational skills.

She also gives plenty of ideas, resources and tips to study autonomously at home. And, last but not least, I'm sure you'll feel identified with her because of the language she uses and also because she encountered the same obstacles and problems as many of you do.