28 Oct 2011

Banksy; useful language; "Slumdog Millionaire"; a good experience watching a film

Hello everyone!

Here you have the summary of week 6. On Tuesday I gave you back the corrections of your first composition (an anecdote) and the first listening I've collected this year. Then we corrected the text about "Great Entertainers" and we discussed different forms of art, until we came up with the topic of graffiti.

I showed a BBC report about Banksy, a famous graffiti artist who allegedly comes from Bristol. We listened to the opinions of both supporters and detractors of graffiti as an art and you also had the chance to express your own personal opinions.

Here I leave you with a video with Banksy's most important/famous creations:

Finally, we did an activity in groups where you have to choose one cultural activity to improve the town of Roquetas. Here you have some useful language I gave you to use in your discussion:

On Thursday you presented your conclusions to the class. There were several projects, but the most popular was the botanical garden! Apparently there is one already near IES Algazul, but nobody seemed to be very sure... Well, let's see if we can check it! :)

We also corrected some homework and I gave you a handout with an example of a film review ("Slumdog Millionaire"). Here you have the film trailer - watch it and check how much you can understand!

Surfing the Internet I've found this video where a girl tells us about a good experience she had watching a film. I'm sure you can recognise many of the expressions and vocabulary we saw in class.

Finally, we celebrated Halloween with Leah!! Thanks to all the people who dressed in black and/or orange! She had prepared a National Geographic video but we had some technical problems, so I'll probably show it to you on Thursday and we'll do some activities with it.

For homework, you have to write a film review and I'd also like you to start copying the vocabulary from Module 1 in your notebook.

The deadline for the film review is 6th November, 23.59. The number of words should be between 200 and 250.

And that's all for now!

I wish you the best for this long weekend! :)

17 Oct 2011

Marking code for compositions; who killed the electric car?; cultural gaffes at home and abroad

Hello everyone!

Here you have the summary of last week. On Tuesday we corrected the text about the London Marathon and we learnt some more new vocabulary. When we finish the module, please remember to transfer all the new words to your notebook, and to classify the collocations, prepositions and phrasal verbs.

We also did an activity to practise comparing and contrasting photographs (page 21). We listened to a monologue about the dangers of horse racing and motocross and then you did the same comparing skiing and rock-climbing. Remember to revise the useful expressions! :)

On Thursday I gave you your compositions back with some guidelines for improvement. Here you have the marking code, in case you don't have it:


9 Oct 2011

Telling an anecdote; a day with the Women's Lacrosse Team

Hi everyone!

How's the weekend going? :)

Last week we finished the unit about travelling and transport. We corrected the exercises on pages 8 and 9, where we saw some more collocations and a few phrasal verbs. In your vocabulary notebook, please, keep a separate section for collocations, and another one for phrasal verbs. Keeping your vocabulary organised will allow you to find things quicker and to be much more effective when you study. And if you do it from day 1, it will save you a lot of time at the end of the year.

In 4º CAL we did an activity called "Help me! I'm a tourist!", and in 4º A we discussed several statements which used comparative structures.