9 Oct 2011

Telling an anecdote; a day with the Women's Lacrosse Team

Hi everyone!

How's the weekend going? :)

Last week we finished the unit about travelling and transport. We corrected the exercises on pages 8 and 9, where we saw some more collocations and a few phrasal verbs. In your vocabulary notebook, please, keep a separate section for collocations, and another one for phrasal verbs. Keeping your vocabulary organised will allow you to find things quicker and to be much more effective when you study. And if you do it from day 1, it will save you a lot of time at the end of the year.

In 4º CAL we did an activity called "Help me! I'm a tourist!", and in 4º A we discussed several statements which used comparative structures.

Then we moved to the topic about sports and entertainment. Thanks Pepe, Pepi (4ºCAL), Antonio and Marta (4ºA) for your anecdotes. I know speaking in English in front of everybody may be a bit difficult, but the only way to improve is practising. So, please, don't be shy, and come to the front next time I ask for volunteers :)

I also gave you a handout with some useful expressions to use when you're listening to an anecdote, and I also asked you to do a writing telling me about an anecdote you've had in your lives (real or invented).

Telling an Anecdote

For your compositions, remember:
  • Times New Roman, 12
  • 1,5 interlining
  • Write your name
The deadline for this first composition is Tuesday 11th October, 23.59h. If you can't come to class on Tuesday, then you can send to me by e-mail.

On Thursday we also had our first lesson with Leah, the language assistant this year. We talked about sports and she told us about Lacrosse, the sport she plays back home. I've found this video called "A day with the Women's Lacrosse Team". Watch it to see what the field looks like, how they train, and how the sport is played. Quite interesting!

For homework, remember to write the composition, read the text on page 11 ("The London Marathon") and do activities 3 and 4 on the same page.

See you on Tuesday!

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