30 Apr 2011

Question tags; line dancing

Hello guys!

I hope you're having a great weekend, although it's apparently going to rain a lot... (fingers crossed!!).

Last week we talked about Easter holidays and we also had a special activity with Chanelle and Lauren, who prepared a quiz about the differences between Canada and the United States. I hope you learnt a lot!!

We also learnt a bit of line dancing. Here you have the video; I'm sure you're dying to show your family and friends! :) It's a bit old, but it's the easiest dance we could find!

In the rest of classroom time, we continued with the topic of crime and we did a listening where a robber tried to stick-up a bank. Click here if you want to listen to it again. We also learnt some colloquial expressions such as chit-chat, get all worked up, cranky, etc. Make sure you study them!

As for grammar, we talked about question tags, which are little question that are added at the end of the sentence to ask for confirmation. Click here for a complete explanation of question tags and here if you want to practise with exercises.

Remember that questions tags can be pronounced with two different intonations (NOTE: this is important!):

With Intermediate E we had time to correct unit 28 about question tags, reply questions and indirect questions; Intermediate F will do it next week. On the other hand, with Intermediate F we did an activity called "In court", where you had to behave as judges and decide the sentence for some criminals. Intermediate E will do it next week.

As for homework, remember that you have to write a formal letter to apply for a job (an application letter or a covering letter). Read carefully the handouts I gave you, and also have a look at page 81 in your books. Write between 180 and 200 words. Deadline: 4th May (Int E) / 5th May (Int F) at 23.59h.

Intermediate E, please, also complete Grammar Bank 7B.

Have a great bank holiday!

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