2 Apr 2011

The world of advertising

Hello there guys!

How's the weekend going? I hope you're all feeling more relaxed after the exams and, especially, after your marks! I'm relatively happy with the results, but I'm sure we can all do better in June :)

The most problematic area continues being the "listening", so we'll continue doing as much practice as we can in class, but it's of the utmost importance that you also listen to English at home. Please, have a look at the labels "videos", "listening" and "words of advice"; you'll find very useful practice there. And remember that it's better to listen to 5-10 minutes of English a day, rather than spending a whole evening doing listening practice. Languages, like sport, are a matter of perseverance (constancia).

Last week we started the topic of shopping and supermarkets. On Monday / Tuesday we talked about advertising and we discussed the following commercial from Sussex Safer Roads:

And now it's your turn to show me your creativity and originality! In groups of 4-5, you have to design your own commercial/ad for a product of your choice. You can do it in video format, or prepare a "printed version" (e.g. an ad on the newspaper). You'll present it in class on Monday 11th / Tuesday 12th April. Remember that you have to cover the following points:

  • Say what you’re advertising
  • Explain the elements in the ad and why you’ve chosen them
  • Say why you think your ad will be effective
  •  Make a quick reflection about the effect of advertising on shopping/buying.
On Wednesday we had a "theatre play" by Andrew Marshall. I hope you managed to follow him, although it's true he had a broad Cockney accent. At any rate, I think we all had fun doing the "work-out" before his performances! hahaha.

During the rest of class timetable, we learnt some vocabulary relating to shopping, we did a listening about a new supermarket who had just opened, and Intermediate F also did a role-play which I think you enjoyed a lot! Intermediate E will do it next Monday.

And that's all for now!

Feel free to post any comments! :)

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