19 Dec 2010

Cardinal and ordinal numbers; prepositions "in", "on", "at"

Hi all,

Here you have the summary of this week and the last one (we only had one day of class - Thursday 9th).

On Monday / Tuesday we talked about fascinating festivals around the world. We saw a powerpoint presentation with three pictures (la tomatina, los san fermines and las fallas). You discussed them in pairs and then we saw them together.

Then we read the text in file 3D and we learnt how to say the dates, the months and the seasons. Remember that in English we say dates with an ordinal number: today is 19th December / December 19th. When we speak we say, "today is the 19th of December" (BrE) OR today is December the 19th (AmE).

Click here for a list of cardinal and ordinal numbers with their pronunciation.

Finally, we read an interview about a novelist's favourite times of the day, we practised in groups and then we listened to Cristina and Udom talking about this.

On Wednesday / Thursday we learnt that we can use three different prepositions to talk about time: in, on, at.
  • Use in with:
    • months (in January)
    • years (in 2005)
    • times of the day (in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening).
  • Use on with:
    • dates (on the 17th of December 2010)
    • days of the week (on Monday)
  • Use at with:
    • times (at half past five)
    • festivals / public holidays (at Easter, at Christmas)
    • at the weekend
    • at night

Click here and here for two online activities to practise this.

Finally, we saw a situation in a coffee shop. Please, study the vocabulary and expressions in these situations (on a plane, at the airport, in a hotel, etc.) because they are extremely useful and they will be in the oral exam.

I hope you have a good weekend!

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