Below you have a collection of sites where you can practise your reading online!

  • ESL Gold: Tips for reading, reading strategies, short reading exercises, and so much more!
  • Saber Inglés: Here you have a very varied list of readings, from different topics and levels. The majority of them have comprehension exercises, and some of them are also accompanied by an audio fie (audiotexts).
  • Ego4U: Click here for a selection of the most important newspaper articles of the week.
  • The Guardian: generally leftish and considered a serious newspaper.
  • The Times: it is the most varied newspaper in terms of political support. Many columnists are connected to the Conservative Party, but there are also more left-wing ones. In a 2009 national readership survey The Times was found to have the highest numbers of readers in London of any of the "quality" papers.
  • The Independent: although it claims to be neutral, it is said to be a bit influenced by left-wing ideology. Some say that it is a serious rival for The Times.
  • The Daily Telegraph: it is considered the most openly right-wing serious paper. It costs less and sells twice as many copies as any other paper. Its readers are frequently conservative.
  • The Daily Mirror (tabloid): it was the first paper to present strip cartoons. Ideologically, it showed a tendency to criticise the government in office at any time.
  • The New York Times, which has a moderate-left stance. Although its primary audience has always been the people of New York City, it has gradually become the dominant national "newspaper of record".

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