CAL groups

If you are a teacher in a Primary or Secondary School, you might find these links very useful!! 
  • ABC Teach: a very comprehensive website with plenty of resources.
  • BBC Schools: all subjects, classified accordion to levels.
  • activities, games and fun ideas for teaching children English.
  • Pacificnet: a website of selected links.
  • Funbrain: a website with games for different subjects.
  • Lesson Plans Page: Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, PE and Music lesson plans.
  • Lesson Planz: lesson plans for various subjects classified by level.
  • Microsoft Education: carefully-prepared lesson plans for teachers.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets: her you have plenty of worksheets in English on different subjects: Maths, Social Science, Language, etc.



  • Chem4Kids: matter, elements, periodic table, atoms, reactions, biochemistry, etc.
  • Biology4Kids: cells, microorganisms, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, animal systems, etc.
  • The Zone: animals, insects, rocks, fossils, minerals
  • Foodsubs: vegetables - pictures and explanation
  • Zephyrus: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science
  • CGP Books: Interactive Science - Key Stage 1
  • CGP Books: Interactive Science - Key Stage 2
  • CGP Books: Interactive Science - Key Stage 3


  • MathCats: Maths applied to different subjects
  • Numbernut: with basic and advanced activities. Ratios, decimals, factors, squares and roots, etc.


  • Geography4Kids: Earth structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, etc.

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