6 Nov 2014

Politics: anti-corruption raids in Spain

Hi everybody!

Today's entry is a summary of one of my lessons and, as you can see, the topic is politics. I'm going to share some of the materials I used in class for you to practise reading, listening and also learn some vocabulary related to politics!

Without a doubt, politics is becoming a hotly debated topic in the streets today because of the countless cases of corruption that are coming to light. What characteristics do you think every politician should have? Would you include some of the ideas below? (please, look up the new words in a dictionary).

Every time there is a "domestic" scandal, it is well-advised to investigate a little bit and see how the international press is covering it. Is the image of Spain abroad changing? For the better or for the worse? Have a look at the following three newspaper articles and see for yourselves:
After reading the articles, take some time to think about the following questions:
  1. What are the main points put forward?
  2. How is Spain depicted?
  3. Is there any reference to the Spanish citizens' attitude towards these events?
  4. How do you feel about the articles?
Finally, we're going to end with a short video from Euronews. Watch it the first time to see how much you understand. Then do the listening activity below (the answers are at the end of the document, as usual!)

After these activities I hope you now have some more ideas and vocabulary to talk about this so up-to-date topic!

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