22 Oct 2014

Love at first sight!


I hope you're having a nice day! :) Today we're going to talk about love and relationshipsDo you know any expressions? Below you have many! (Remember that "sb" means someone/somebody).

Read the expressions and check a dictionary (for example, if there is any word you don't know. Be very careful with the pronunciation of engaged; listen to it in the dictionary and repeat :)

Now, imagine a "normal" relationship. In what order would things happen?

I would suggest something like this...!
You meet someone for the first time. It was love at first sight! Then you go on a date. You like each other a lot and so you start going out together. After some time, you fall in love, but then you can have arguments and you finally break up... :( However, you get back together again, and you get engaged! You get married and you are happy ever after!
Is your story similar to mine? Please, share it with us in a comment below! :)

Finally, here you have a listening about a girl going on her first date. Click here and listen to it twice; try to answer the questions and then check the transcription. You also have the explanation of some new vocabulary!

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