31 Oct 2014

History of Halloween; pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving
Hello everyone!

Today is Halloween and I want all of you to be ready! :) To start with, do you know where the tradition comes from? Here you have a powerpoint presentation with the history of this festivity!

History of Halloween

On the presentation they also talk of the jack-o'-lantern! Originally, it was made of turnip, but now it is made with pumpkins! Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? It's not difficult! All you need is a pumpkin, a knife, a big spoon and a pen!

pumpkin carving

Watch the video below to see how to do it!

Basically, all you need to do is:
1) Remove the top of the pumpkin with the knife. 
2) Take out all the seeds with a spoon. 
3) Then draw a face on the pumpkin and cut it with a knife!
4) Finally, put a candle inside!

Click for some pumpkin carving ideas!!

So... are you going to make a pumpkin this year?? :)

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