11 Nov 2012

Work conditions; must / have to / don't have to / mustn't

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it, although the weather wasn't too good!

In this entry I post a summary of what we did last week, and also some extra material you might find interesting.

On Monday we did a little bit of revision and we also started Unit 3 talking about jobs. We did an activity where you had to write a job for every letter of the alphabet. Some letters were a bit difficult, but you almost (casi) completed all the alphabet! :) We also learnt some expressions such as flexible working hours, opportunities for promotion, sick pay, holiday pay, etc. Make sure you learn them!

In this link you can do a listening about working conditions. Listen and do the activity. When you finish, go to the bottom of the page and read the language tips (consejos) for grammar and vocabulary.

On Wednesday we worked with the structures have to/must; don't have to/mustn't and we wrote "A class contract", with rules for the students and also for the teacher. You can do a little quiz here to revise. In the second hour we did the test.

Finally, I post another listening called "What's your ideal date?". Click here to listen to what some people in London answered! You can go to the bottom of the page (el final de la página) to see the answers from more people!

For homework, remember to do the copy about the articles (a(n) / the) and about have (got) to. You also have to correct your composition and give me your final version.

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