24 Apr 2012

First conditional; infinitive of purpose; "The Show Must Go On" (song)

Hi everyone!!

Last week we started Unit 9 and we talked about everyday problems. We also learnt the first conditional, which is used to talk about things that are probable to happen:
If + present simple, will. For example: If I have time tonight, we'll go out OR we'll go out if I have time tonight
We saw other words that can be used instead of if, like whenbefore, after, until and as soon as.

Click here for a basic explanation of the first conditional, and here if you want some more details. And if you want to practise with some online exercises, click here.

Finally, we worked with the infinitive of purpose:
:( I come here for to learn English.:( I come here for learning English.:) I come here to learn English.
If you didn't come to class, here you have an explanation. And here you can practise with an exercise online.

On Wednesday you revised this with Leah and then in my hour we did a "special" listening test. Some of you failed, but the results were not bad at all! :)

After that we corrected the copies about "for, since and ago" and the first conditional. To end with, we listened to the song "The show must go on", by Queen. Thanks, Mª Ángeles, for the activity!

For homework, you had to write a recipe. Here you have a listening from (very good website!!) where Steph talks about cooking. You have three different exercises. Try to do them! :)

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