16 Apr 2012

Ku Klux Klan vs. Spanish "Semana Santa"; learning styles

Hello everyone!

Last week we came back from our Easter holidays. I hope you come full of energy! We only have the last months of the course in front of us!

On Monday you told me about your holidays, and then we talked about the similarities between our nazarenos and the members of the Ku Klux Klan. We read a text that told us that there wasn't any relationship at all between them. After that, we learnt about different Easter traditions in other countries in the world.

KKK vs. Semana Santa

Finally, we talked a little bit about Multiple Intelligence Theory and different learning styles. If you want to listen to the audio again, click here. Below you have the transcription.

Learning Styles TRANSCRIPT

Maybe you can use some of these strategies in your own learning! Apart from the quiz we did in class, you can learn a bit more about what type of learner you are by doing the quiz here. And here you have some ideas to help you studying depending on your type of intelligence (NOTE: Tactile refers to bodily-kinaesthetic). You can apply this to you, and also to your students if you are a teacher yourself!

On Friday we talked about awkward (strange) social situations: we learnt some expressions to use in different situations and we also watched a video in which a man was in a pretty uncomfortable situation... :P Then there was a powercut/blackout (this is the second time this has happened to us!!), so we corrected some homework.

When the light came back, we watched two recipe videos that you have in the entry before! I had planned to do the song with most votes as well, but there was no time. We'll do it today :)

See you later!

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