6 Feb 2012

Verb + -ing; English cream tea; creatures in the ocean

Good morning!

Last week we started talking about the ideas we have of different countries (stereotypes) and we saw that more often than not they are overgeneralisations that do not correspond to reality. You worked in groups and thought about the stereotypes we have of the British, the Americans, the Germans and the Spanish. Then we worked with a text called "What every visitor to England should know".

After that, we learnt the different uses of the -ing form of the verb and we practised with several exercises:

Uses of verb in -ing

During the break we had a small tea party and I told you about the typical English Cream Tea. Here you have a picture of a scone which, remember, you fill with butter, marmalade and whipped cream... delicious!!

On Thursday you watched an awesome video with Leah and you talked about the incredible creatures living in the ocean. Here I post the video, in case you want to watch it again:

You can go to the original website to watch it with subtitles.

In my hour we learnt some idioms of comparison, e.g. as deaf as a post. Hope you remember some of them next week!!

In Avanzado 1 A María del Mar did her presentation about her year in the USA (thanks!), and at some point she talked about Halloween and Halloween candy. That reminded me of a video I watched last Christmas: there's a famous TV presenter in the States at the moment called Jimmy Kimmel and he always asks people to do something strange or funny, record it and send it to the programme.

During Halloween, he asked parents to tell their kids they had eaten all the Halloween candy and video-tape their reactions. Here you have the results! (the recordings start at second 38):

He did something similar during Christmas: this time he asked parents to give their kids a terrible present... some of the children are absolutely hilarious!!

Talking about oral presentations, last week I forgot to post a video I had in mind. Ana Belén Muñoz, from Avanzado 1 A, talked about New Zealand and she mentioned the dance that All Blacks do before every match (Haka War Dance). Here you have it in case you've never watched it. It also includes some information about the dance and the translation of what they shout!

Amazing! I feel bad for the opponents though!

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