20 Nov 2011

Strange jobs; /g/ vs. /d3/

Hello everyone!

How's the weekend going? Last week we had three days of class: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday we did a short activity to guess the meaning of some jobs (midwife, masseuse, tailor, plumber and trashman) and then we did a listening about some people with some very strange jobs! Then we did an exercise about word-formation with the suffixes -ion, -or, -ant, -er and -ment.

Finally, we listened to three different conversations where people had to apologise, give reasons and finally make a promise: I'm sorry I can't meet you tonight because I have to work, but I'll see you next Saturday. You practised these expressions with Leah on Wednesday.

With her you also talked about safety at work and we corrected the text on page 32, which was a bit difficult for some of you. Finally, we listened to Kevin, who offered Lara a job as an aider. That wasn't very difficult, was it?

On Friday we corrected the review on page 31 and we saw the difference between /s/ and /ʃ/. You didn't have many difficulties, but some of you still confuse /g/ and /d3/. Click here for a "game" where you can practise this difference.

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