14 Nov 2011

Collocations dictionary; tipping in the US; Guy Fawkes

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'm awfully sorry I haven't updated the blog before, but I've been up to my eyes with work during the whole weekend. At any rate, better late than never! :)

On Tuesday we corrected the text on pages 34 and 35, where we learnt some vocabulary and idioms (make a big deal of sth, come to terms with sth, etc). After that, in groups we worked on a handout about collocations and how to use a collocations dictionary. We saw a few examples, and you looked up quite a few words, so I hope it was useful for you!

Remember that you can find the Oxford Collocations Dictionary online at this website. When I corrected your compositions I found some examples where you could use it. See if you can improve the following structures!
  • The film was throughly wonderful
  • The plot was utterly entertaining
  • They were trying to hatch a plan
Please, feel free to post a comment with your suggested answers.

After that, we talked about restaurants and we "visited" 6 of the most famous restaurants in London. After listening to three people discussing where to go (you can find it in ex 2, p. 48), you also discussed it with your partner using some expressions to agree and disagree. Here you have the handout, in case you don't have a copy:


On Tuesday I gave you back the first version of your corrected compositions and then we corrected a few exercises in the book. In 4º CAL we also had the pleasure to listen to three classmates talking about different aspects related to food; thanks Ramón, Mª Ángeles and Alicia. In 4º A we did the listening about safe drinking water in Africa, and we'll do the presentations on Tuesday.

Finally, we had one hour with Leah, who talked about vegetarians (I didn't know there were so many different types!).

For homework, please complete the handout about indirect speech and remember that the deadline to give me the final version of your composition is Thursday.

To end with, here I leave you with a video about Guy Fawkes, which is celebrated on the 5th of November in England.  Do you know anything about this celebration? Well, this video will explain everything!

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  1. Maybe:

    "The film was absolutely superb".
    "The plot is hugely enjoyable" or "The plot is vastly entertaining".
    "They were trying frantically to hatch a feasible plan.