30 Sep 2011

National Parks in Utah; New York Top 10 Attractions

Good morning everyone!

So week 2 has already gone by! Hasn't time flown??! On Tuesday we finished correcting the grammar quiz and I was happy to see that most of you remember what you learnt last year; well done!! :) Then we had a quick look at the book and you thought about five places you would like to visit, and five places you have no desire to visit ever. Feel free to post a comment with your ten places!!

Finally, we listened to part of a radio programme where a man gave advice to first-time visitors to London. I can't post that listening due to copyright reasons, but here you have another one about National Parks in Utah (scroll down the page and you'll find the play button). In that page you have a multiple choice exercise. If you prefer filling gaps, then click here instead. Finally, you can have a look at the script (transcripción).


19 Sep 2011

Welcome to a new course at the Official Language School in Roquetas de Mar!

Hi everyone!

This is the blog for the Advanced Level 1 group. I intend it to be a place where we can all communicate and share ideas, impressions and materials that may be useful for all of us. We'll also try to keep a record of what we do in class every week.

Welcome aboard, guys!! ;)