6 Nov 2010

Vocabulary related to jobs; possessive 's (Saxon genitive)

Good morning everybody!

As usual, here you have a summary (un resumen) of what we did during the week :)

With Basic Level D, we finished the unit about Natasha and Darren. Was their date (cita) a disaster or a success??

We also corrected some exercises to form questions in the present simple. Then we started the topic about jobs. We learnt vocabulary about jobs (please, see Vocabulary Bank page 144) and we read Annabel's interview: she's an artist and a musician, but she thinks her job is stressful and sometimes lonely...

Then we listened to an interview where three people guess a person's job. Can you remember his job? ... That's it: a footballer! With the questions in the interview, we played a game where we had to guess our job: do I work in an office?, do I earn a lot of money?, do I wear a uniform?, am I a politician? etc.

Click here for an activity where you can practise the vocabulary about jobs. Some jobs are new, for example mechanic, photographer, vet, farmer and shopkeeper.

Finally, we started the unit about family: "relatively famous". We talked about some famous people and discovered some of their relatives: JK Rowling's husband, Hugh Grant's brother, Will Smith's father, Kate Winslet's sister, Naomi Campbell's mother and Antonio Banderas's ex-wife.

We also learnt the possessive 's: remember, we use it with relatives (family) and possessions:
  • This is Danny's sister (NOT the sister of Danny);
  • This is Jenny's bag (NOT the bag of Jenny).
Also remember that we always use 's except with regular plurals (el plural regular se forma añadiendo una -s), where we only use ' (apostrophe): e.g. my parents' house. (For a complete explanation, please see the Grammar Bank on page 124).

With Basic Level E we also learnt vocabulary related to the family (Vocabulary Bank page 145).

Finally, here you can see the video of our Halloween Party!!
Do you recognise some of your classmates? :)

eoi granada halloween from maribel alvarez on Vimeo.

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