1 Nov 2010

Word order in questions (QUASI); Halloween

Hi all!

I hope you've had a great, great bank holiday! :) I'm sorry I haven't uploaded the class record before. Anyway, here you have it!

With Basic Level D we only had one day of class (Tuesday), and we talked about meeting people (where and how can you meet people? - at school/university/work; in a supermarket; on the Internet, in the street...). Then we read the story of Natasha and Darren, who met on the Internet and had a date. Unfortunately, they are very, very different (they have nothing in common!) and they do not make a good couple... :(

With their conversation, we learnt how to make questions in the present simple (remember: QUASI - QUestion word + Auxiliary + Subject + Infinitive). In the present simple, the auxiliary is do or does (for he / she / it): what do you study?; where does he live?; do you have a pet?

We worked with a photocopy to practise a little bit more and then we did an activity to find classmates (compañeros de clase) that were similar to us. For tomorrow, you have to prepare the last two exercises of the photocopy, and do the grammar bank 2B on page 125.

With Basic Level E we talked about jobs and professions: what do you do? I'm a lawyer; I'm a doctor; I'm a teacher; I'm an architect. (Remember that we always use a/an before the job!) We listened to an interview and guessed the job according to the answers: do you work with your hands? Yes, I do / No, I don't; do you work in the morning? Yes, I do / No, I don't, etc. We also played a game: you had to discover your profession!

On Wednesday we talked about Halloween. We read a text and then we saw it together on a powerpoint presentation:
I hope you know the history of Halloween now!! :) Finally, we did a crossword (crucigrama) with vocabulary related to Halloween. Make sure you have a copy.

In the second hour on Wednesday we met Lauren, our American language assistant. She talked about her family, her city (New Jersey), her hobbies and her interests. I'm sure you terribly enjoyed her class! :)

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