28 Sep 2013

The Magic E


Today's entry is devoted to the "magic E"! The "magic E" is that silent <e> that is not pronounced, but it magically lengthens the previous sound!

See the difference that the <e> makes in the following pairs of words:
Here you have a song which is used in schools in English speaking countries to show the pronunciation effect of silent <e> at the end of words.

It's a song for children, I know... But it's really catchy, you'll see! And it can help you too! :)


26 Sep 2013

¿Por qué se nos atraganta el inglés?, in ABC

Here I leave you with another item of news published in ABC, entitled "Por qué se nos atraganta el inglés".

Do you have any comments or opinion? Please, feel free to post below.

"Cero en expresión oral", in ABC

Please, check this newspaper article on the art of public speaking.

It was published in ABC following Ana Botella's performance to defend Madrid's venue for the Olympics.

Very insightful, indeed.


25 Sep 2013

How to use

Hi there!

In this entry I tell you about the website, where you can practise your oral skills from home and completely for free!

The website works as follows: you select your mother-tongue, the language you want to practise and your current level; the website will then look for your perfect matches. Normally, you'll talk to English speakers who want to learn Spanish: that way, you do each other a mutual favour. And, by all means, you can practise other languages too!

When registering, you can chose your preferred mode to talk: by phone, skype or google voice.

Go to the website and click on "Apply for an invitation". You will be re-directed to this page where you have to include your details: