23 Jan 2012

The best job in the world; modals in the past

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday we talked about ideal jobs and we practised the vocabulary on page 44. After that, we watched a Sky News video about what some people called "the best job in the world" (I'm afraid you can listen up to second 56; there's no sound afterwards).

Here you have a video about the people that submitted their applications to the official website and managed to get to the final:

Eventually, the winner was Ben Southall. For all the information about him and this project to take care of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, please click here. Finally, if you want to check Ben's weekly blog and photo gallery, visit the official website I strongly recommend you to have a look around!

On Thursday we had one hour with Leah. You played a game called 'telephone', and it was real fun! After that you read a text about gliding and you did an interesting exercise in groups to check your pronunciation. I hope you learnt how to pronounce quite a few of the difficult words!

In my hour, we starting correcting the photocopy about modal verbs in the past. I know the handout is a bit dense, but don't worry; we'll practise more in class. For the moment, here you have a straightforward explanation of modal verbs, and you can do an online exercise here.

On Friday we started with your oral presentations. Thanks very much for all the effort and time you've put into it. We all enjoyed what you had prepared, and we learnt quite a few things as well!

Juanjo (Avanzado 1 A) talked about Iceland and he mentioned the famous volcano that made most European airports close. Can anybody remember the name of that volcano? I guess you don't! It was "Eyjafjallajökull". Many journalists had problems pronouncing it, and I remembered a CNN video called "Name that Icelandic Vocano". Check it out below:

After that we continued correcting some homework from the previous day, and we listened to the song "What makes you beautiful", by One Direction:

Here you have the activity we did in class (to correct it, simply click here to have the complete lyrics)

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

See you all tomorrow!

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