10 Oct 2013

Revision of tenses; personality adjectives; relationships

Hi everyone!

Here you have the first entry of the year! I'll regularly post a summary of what we've done in class but, most importantly, I'll also post extra material to consolidate and to expand what we do in the lessons.

We've already advanced quite a lot and are almost finishing Unit 1! These days we've been revising tenses, question formation and auxiliaries. As for vocabulary, we've talked about relationships and also personality.

If you want to continue revising English tenses, try the following exercises online:

  • Revision of tenses 1: here you have exercises with pairs of tenses (present simple vs. present continuous; past simple vs. past continuous; past simple vs. past perfect, etc).

Below you have some other useful personality adjectives!

Finally, here I post two listenings about relationships, and also a video about "how to prepare your relationship for a baby":

  • Video: Click here for some activities before you watch the video. You mainly have vocabulary and expressions. Then watch the video below and take this quiz!

For next Wednesday remember you have to write a composition:

How has my life changed in the last 10 years? Include aspects related to:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Work or Studies
  • Hobbies
  • Family & friends
250 words; Times New Roman, 12; 1.5 interlining; deadline 16th Oct 23.59h

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday!

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