2 Feb 2013

Wikileaks; Bowling for Columbine; Sicko; Gandhi quotes

Hi everyone!

Last week we continued with Unit 5 and we've practically finished it by now.

On Tuesday we talked about Wikileaks (Unit 5.3. in your books). Click here for a newspaper article from The Guardian in which Assange, the founder of the website, criticises and attacks the new WikiLeaks film which is to be released shortly.

For the students in 5º CAL,  here I leave you with the link to the CLIL (AICLE in Spanish) materials I showed you in class. I hope you find them helpful and manage to implement them in your classrooms:

On Thursday I gave you back your compositions which, as I said in class, were astoundingly good this time. Congratulations on your work. The example of a problem-solution essay that you had in your books was about "gun control". Below I post the documentary "Bowling for Columbine" (2002), by Michael Moore, which explore the causes for the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 and other acts of violence with guns. It's veritably insightful (rated with an 8,0 in IMDB).

The video is in English with subtitles in Spanish:

There is an even more interesting documentary by Michael Moore about the American health system (rated with an 8,1 in IMDB). It is entitled "Sicko", a wordplay between the words "sick" and "psycho". I strongly recommend you to watch it, as it offers a comprehensive overview of how the health system currently functions in the US. You can watch it online by clicking on the link below:

And, finally, here I leave you with some famous Gandhi quotes. As  you know, the 30th of January is the International Day of Peace, a date which was precisely chosen to commemorate Gandhi's death. We had some time to work with them in 5ºCAL, but not in 5ºA, so here you have them:

For homework, remember to do the Grammar Bank corresponding to the passive voice (Unit 5.2.) and the section devoted to phrasal verbs/multi-word verbs.

Enjoy your weekend :)


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